Typical Menu of 1877


Day Meal
Sunday bread and butter, coffee
Monday bread, butter, boiled bread, fried potatoes, coffee
Tuesday bread, butter, oatmeal porridge, coffee
Wednesday bread, butter, potatoes, coffee
Thursday bread, butter, cornmeal porridge, coffee
Friday bread, butter, boiled rice, coffee
Saturday bread, butter, boiled bread, coffee


Day Meal
Sunday stewed meat, potatoes, bread
Monday corned beef, potatoes, cabbage, bread
Tuesday roast beef, potatoes, bread, bread pudding
Wednesday soup, boiled beef, potatoes, bread
Thursday Irish stew, bread, baked bread pudding
Friday boiled beef, fish, potatoes, bread, carrots
Saturday roast beef, potatoes, bread, pickles, pudding


Day Meal
Sunday bread, butter, tea
Monday bread, butter, tea, baked apples
Tuesday bread, butter, tea
Wednesday bread, butter, tea, preserves
Thursday bread, butter, tea, buns
Friday bread, butter, tea, apple pies
Saturday bread, butter, tea, stewed prunes

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