Typical Meal of 1912


Day Meal
Sunday -
cereal, milk, sugar, bread and butter, tea or coffee


Day Meal
Sunday stew, potatoes, apples
Monday beef, roasted or boiled potatoes, vegetable
Tuesday soup with peas, beans, meat pie, potatoes, pickled beets
Wednesday beef stew, potatoes, apples
Thursday soup with vegetables, potatoes, suet pudding
Friday baked fish, roast beef, potatoes, vegetable or pickle
Saturday soup with peas, potatoes, boiled rice with raisons


Day Meal
Sunday bread, butter, tea
Monday cornmeal with syrup, bread and butter, tea
Tuesday apple sauce, bread, butter, tea
Wednesday stewed tomatoes with onions and broken soda crackers, bread and butter, tea
Thursday bruised liver for men; baked apples for women; bread and butter, tea
Friday gingerbread, bread and butter, tea
Saturday pork and beans, bread and butter, tea

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