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In the early days of the Asylum, attendants did not receive formal training. Until 1970, attendants were trained on site while on the job. Later it was thought that attendants, due to the challenging situations that they faced, should be trained. And in 1971, attendants were required to complete a one year, paid Registered Nursing Assistant Course, with the Department of Heath, which was located at 205 York Street in London Ontario, now the site of the present day VIA rail station. After 1971 attendants were no longer found at the London Asylum. From this point on male and female attendants became Registered Nursing Assistants (RNAs) or they were also referred to as Aids.

The nursing profession entirely took over for attendants. In modern mental health centers in Ontario, attendants no longer exist. They have been reclassified as Registered Nurses (RN) and Registered Practical Nurses (RPN) who now perform the valuable attendant duties.