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"The annual games are always looked forward to by the patients as the principal event of the season to them and rarely do any of them absent themselves if they are in a condition to attend." The London Free Press, September 10, 1897

At the London Asylum, patients participated in a variety of sporting clubs and cricket, rugby, and bowling teams. Games were often organized with other sports clubs from various asylums within Ontario. These games were supported by the London community and results were sometimes published in London newspapers. In 1881, the Free Press reported the LAI's cricket team as victorious, with an eight run lead over the Dufferin College team. Local newspapers also acknowledged the benefit of these events, commenting that the games "proved most gratifying alike to the patients as well as the officers and employees."

In 1886, the London Asylum had its first Athletic Sports Event in which both staff and patients participated. The list of games included various races, high jump, pole vaulting, and tug of war. These events were again recognized by the local newspapers. In 1888, the Free Press stated "The majority of those who entered for the various events were patients for whatever might be the state of their mental faculties, they were certainly capable of entering heartily into the contests with good nature and zest, and the full measures of success." This form of moral therapy encouraged teamwork, interaction with others, and provided enjoyable activities for the patients to look forward to every now and then.