Chicago Format - Footnotes & Endnotes

Footnotes and endnotes are most frequently used in the Chicago Manual of Style.The use of footnotes or endnotes is often preferred when many sources are being cited as it allows the reader to focus on the argument rather than on the source being cited (as may be the case with APA style).

Even if you are using footnotes and endnotes, remember you still need to create a Works Cited or Bibliography at the end of your paper / report. See the Chicago Manual of Style for an explanation and description.

To aid in the creation of footnotes or endnotes, we recommend the use of a reference manager, such as Mendeley or Zotero.

Mendeley and Zotero have Microsoft Word add-ons which will assist you in creating your footnotes / endnotes. These can be found from each reference manager's website.

Citing Business Sources - Chicago Format

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