Ross N. Clouston MBA Award

About the Award

The Award was established in 1998 by Bob Clouston, MBA '72 and Brendan Clouston, MBA ’79 to honour their father, who passed away in 2008. According to Brendan Clouston, the award "was created to help develop young talent and support Ivey in recruiting top students and building its international reputation" (InTouch, Spring 2014).

About Ross N. Clouston

  • Born on September 13, 1922 in Montreal.
  • His father was a Montreal wholesale fish seller and both of his parents were originally from St. John's, Newfoundland.
  • At 18, served in the Royal Canadian Air Force in England during WWII as a navigator for three years and also trained to become a pilot.
  • Following his WWII service he married Brenda Kerson and they remained married for 64 years.
  • Received a B.Sc. from McGill University in Physics and Chemistry.
  • Received a full scholarship to attend Harvard Business School for an MBA.
  • Created Bluewater Seafood with his brother in 1955.
  • Created LaSalle Frozen Foods.
  • Under his leadership, Bluewater Seafood became one of the preeminent Canadian seafood businesses in the country.
  • In 1963, Ross N. Clouston sold Bluewater Seafood to Glouster, Massachusetts based Gorton's.
  • In 1968 Ross N. Clouston became President of Gorton's until his retirement in 1986.
  • Was President of the National Fisheries Council of Canada as well as the U.S. National Fisheries Institute; the only person to ever serve as President of both.
  • Was Knighted by the King of Norway for his promotion of Norwegian cod.
  • Passed away on March 18, 2008.

Award Criteria

Awarded to a student entering the MBA program. Applications are available from the Admissions Office of the Ivey Business School. The MBA Scholarship Committee will select each recipient based on: financial need, demonstrated success professionally and academically. The award will alternate annually between Canadian and International Students. The recipients of this award must make a contribution to the intellectual capital of the Ivey Business School by writing a business paper, case or similar project. The project will be placed in the C.B. "Bud" Johnston Library and the author will be recognized as the Ross N. Clouston Award recipient.

Award Recipients

  • Michael Dilworth, MBA ’00
  • Dongxiao Qiu, MBA ‘01
  • Derrick Bartel, MBA ’02
  • Konstantin Markov, MBA ’03
  • Michael Crump, MBA ’04
  • Abhimanyu Sarna, MBA ’05
  • Smita Yadav, MBA '06
  • Erik Garcia, MBA ’07
  • Will Mercer, MBA ’07
  • Vinay Chopra, MBA '08
  • Josh Chandler, MBA '10
  • Andrew Sanden, MBA '12
  • Sonaabh Sood, MBA ’13
  • Cornell Tanaka, MBA ’14
  • Mykyta Mykhaylychenko, MBA ’15
  • Fahad Tariq, MBA '16
  • Matthew Elliott Lui, MBA '17


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