Western Libraries classification exceptions


This document addresses:

  • local modifications or expansions of Library of Congress (LC) classification
  • use of National Library of Medicine (NLM) for the Taylor Library
  • non-use of National Library of Canada (NLC) expansion of classification
  • local use of CODOC for government publications

Modifications to Library of Congress practice

E277 - United Empire Loyalists. Use either E277 (LC) or F1032.13 (UWO expansion) depending on editorial slant (i.e., Canadian or U.S. emphasis) of the item.

E351-364.9 - War of 1812. Use either E range (LC) or F1032.23 (UWO expansion) depending on editorial slant (i.e., Canadian or U.S. emphasis) of the item.

F1026.1-.9 - Canada--History--General Note: Local expansion discontinued ca. 1997.

F1032.1-.39 - Canada--History--1759-1867. For details, see UWO Expansion of F1032

FC - NLC expansion for Canadian history: Do not use

HB97.5 - Marxian economics. Local expansion discontinued ca. 1987. Works on Das Kapital by Karl Marx are to be classed in HB501 Capital. Capitalism.

HC115.4 - Canada--Economic conditions--1945- Note: Local expansion discontinued March 10, 1997.

KD, KE, etc. - Common Law Countries (including Canada): used at all divisional libraries except for Law. Law uses these schedules only for statutes, digests and reports. All Law Library monographs are given KF modified. To see whether to accept the call number or if it is a common law country consult KF Modified For Use in Canadian Law Libraries.

KF modified - Law of the United States (KF) has been expanded to include Common Law Countries (including Canada). It is used only at the Law Library for monographs as stated above. Other Western and Affiliate Libraries use regular LC schedules.

Refer to Law Classification: KF modified for a more detailed explanation of the use of KF modified.

LE3 - Western uses .W517-.W53 as cutter span for University of Western Ontario, rather than .W37-.W46 (from Schedule)

ML96.4 - Literature on music. Manuscript studies and manuscripts. Manuscripts. Musical compositions. Facsimiles. Collections. Music does not use this classification when the material is a music score. Use the correct M classification number instead. If the material is commentary only, then use ML96.4.

PR9000-9899 - English Literature. Western Libraries expands this classification range for Canada and the Commonwealth.
For a detailed list of expanded classifications see: UWO expansion of PR 9000s: English literature outside of Great Britain

PR9100-PR9299.2 - Used at UWO for Canadian literature.
- Exception: Education Library--class English Canadian juvenile fiction in EDUSTK PZ7

PS8000-8599 - NLC expansion for Canadian literature: Do not use.
- Education Library--Do not use. Class English Canadian juvenile fiction in EDUSTK PZ7

PS - American literature: Education Library - Do not use.--class all American juvenile fiction in EDUSTK PZ7

PZ - Convert PZs for Weldon to PR or PS.

R - Medicine. Used at all divisional libraries except for Taylor. Use NLM classification for Taylor.

TR to NR - Western Libraries has discontinued our customization of converting Artistic Photography materials classed in TR to NR. Follow LC for Photography (artistic or otherwise). Oversize materials in this area (TR class range) is 28cm and up, and would require an oversize location. Otherwise for material less than 28cm give them a location of our regular stacks. Continue to apply subject heading "Photography, artistic" where appropriate.

UA600-602 - Canadian Regimental History: Western Libraries expands this range. Expansion outline is located in green acco press binder with print schedules. Same binder provides definitions for provisions for branch or service.

NLM classification

NLM classification is used only for clinical sciences materials for the Taylor Library.
Refer to the document Integration of LC and NLM Classifications and Subject Headings for all Taylor Library materials for a more detailed explanation.

LC classification is used for health-related materials for all other libraries. (Exception: see Government Publications below)

Make sure that NLM classification W is not used for any libraries other than Taylor. For all other locations, use R.

NLC expansions of LC classification not used by Western Libraries

Note: Affiliate Libraries may use the following expansions of LC classification. Be aware when adding Western Libraries item records to Affiliate bibliographic records:

FC - Canadian History: not used by Western Libraries. LC classification F is used instead.

PS8000-8599 - Canadian Literature: not used by Western Libraries. LC classification PR9100-PR9299.2 is used instead.

Government Publications

Traditionally government publications have been catalogued using CODOC coding.
CODOC coding for current publications has been discontinued at all libraries.
LC Expanded classification is used for Canadian and statistical materials. Regular LC classification is used for all other materials.

History of Document Revisions

Supersedes print document CAT 15-05.3; Government Publications revised 2007/10/16