Western Libraries License Costs Data

As part of a publicly funded institution, Western Libraries aims to publish all subscription costs unless we are contractually obliged not to. License costs are published in aggregate, in Canadian dollars at the exchange rate of the day, so this data represents a best estimate of our costs. For further insight into Western Libraries’ License Costs Data project, please refer to the Canadian Association of Research Library (CARL) brief on journal costs (pdf), and feel free to email Western Libraries (library@uwo.ca) with any questions or concerns.

Some of Western's paid subscriptions and Open Access memberships are negotiated by and paid for through consortia, either the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) or the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN), and these are included in the "Western Libraries License Costs" spreadsheet below. Many members of the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL), including Western Libraries, have also jointly released their expenditure data for journal and database subscriptions licensed through the CRKN consortium. For more information regarding the benefits of our Open Access memberships please visit the Western Libraries Financial Support for Open Access webpage.

Other cost disclosure projects