Weldon Library Revitalization

Cross section of The D.B. Weldon Library's concept.

Over the next three years, The D.B. Weldon Library will undergo a revitalization of some key spaces as part of the broader Space Master Plan.

Imagine this:
  • A two-storey Learning Commons
  • A Digital Scholarship Centre
  • Enhanced spaces for community outreach and engagement
  • Specialized teaching and learning spaces
  • A Graduate Student Commons

Key Goals

  • Increase and improve learning and research spaces, enabling new modes of scholarship and collaboration and inspiring learning and discovery.
  • Increase access to natural light, improve wayfinding and introduce new space interconnections through architectural and design interventions.
  • Provide community engagement space to enhance the library's role as the heart of campus.
  • Provide staff space that functions well, supports new technologies and fosters collaboration.

We invite individual and corporate support to join this transformational project. Contact Jennifer Robinson to learn more about how you can be a part of Western Libraries' future.

Jennifer Robinson
Associate Chief Librarian, Western Libraries
519-661-2111 x86897