Records Management Contact Information

Western Libraries’ Archives and Special Collections Team coordinates the delivery of several records management services to university academic and administrative units. Provided at no charge, these consist of records centre storage and destruction services, records retention and disposition scheduling, and records advisory services, including assistance with planning digitization projects.

Please consult the list of services below and contact the appropriate individual when wishing to use Western Archives' records management services.

Service Contact Extension On-line Resource


  • Request Storage/Obtain a Transfer Number
  • Request Empty Boxes*
  • Request Pickup of Boxes
John Critchley, Records Services Assistant

Unscheduled Records Transfer Form

Scheduled Records Transfer Form


  • Request Box or File
  • Request Pick-up/Return of Box of File
John Critchley, Records Services Assistant
Retention and Disposition Scheduling Leslie Thomas-Smith, Archivist
x88469 Records Retention and Disposition Schedules and Procedures
General Inquiries

Leslie Thomas-Smith, Archivist



* All records sent to Western Archives for storage or destruction must be kept in standard records centre boxes with attached lids.