Digital Delivery

Digital delivery offers broad access to physical collections you can conveniently request and access from anywhere, including book chapters, journal articles, government documents, reference works, and more.

All Western University and Affiliated University College faculty, students, and staff can request portions of eligible physical library materials to be scanned and delivered to their inbox, subject to certain limits defined by copyright.

Digital delivery is limited to one chapter per book, one article per journal volume, or an excerpt of 10% of a total work.

Choosing digital delivery means more people can access the same item, bringing library collections to as many users as possible.

How to Place a Request

  • In the academic search tool locate the journal volume or book
  • Select "Digitization"
  • Check the box next to "Select" to provide request details
  • Complete form with the citation information for the specific journal article or book section
  • Click "Send Digitization Request"
  • Accept the Copyright Agreement

How Digital Delivery Works

Our staff will scan the document within 3-5 business days from the time the request is placed. You will receive an email with instructions to access your document using your Western Identity. We recommend you download and save a copy to keep.

To comply with copyright regulations, the system removes the document once it has been viewed 10 times, or after 30 days have passed since the email notification was sent. Articles may be printed with Adobe Acrobat.

If you run into problems downloading or viewing a document you requested, please contact us