Digital Delivery

Digital Delivery is an article scanning service that is offered to Western and Affiliated University College faculty, staff and students. Only journals* with the location "STORAGE- Use 'Request Item'" are eligible for this service.

*All other items are not eligible for this service (e.g. books and chapters).

How to place a request:

Note: For multiple article requests:

  • From the same journal volume - must be made on the same form
  • From different journal volumes - must be made on separate forms

Text Read instructions on how to place a request for Digital Delivery

How Digital Delivery Works

The journal article is scanned to a server within two weekdays from the time the request is received. You will receive an email with instructions for accessing your article.

In order to address copyright issues, the system removes the journal article once it has been viewed five times, or after two weeks have passed since email notification was sent. Articles may be printed from Adobe Acrobat. If the article is not accessed within the two weeks since email notification, it is automatically deleted from the system.

If any problems are encountered an email can be sent to Digital Delivery.

NOTE: Type in your login and PIN number instead of using cut and paste.

Open the PDF from your Western Identity account. Problems have been encountered by users attempting to access articles from Hotmail or other email applications.