Fines and Suspensions


Overdue fines will not be charged for regular loans of any materials. Users will be given 30 days to return materials before the item is declared lost.

Items declared lost will incur the following charges:

  • $25 non-refundable administration charge
  • $125 default replacement charge
Fine rates by material type
Material Type Rate Per Item Maximum Per Item
Hourly Loan Items $2.00 /hour $56.00
Short Loan Items $2.00 /day $56.00
Recalled Items $4.00 /day $56.00

If items are recalled, it is your responsibility to return the item in person, mail or courier by the date specified on the recall notice.

You are responsible for any lost items, fines incurred or damage done to borrowed items. Suspension of borrowing privileges occurs when you have over $20.00 in fines.

Lost or Damaged Items

An item that is 30 days overdue is presumed lost, and is billed for replacement. Western Libraries issues invoices for the replacement cost plus administrative fees for lost items. The replacement cost includes:

  • $25 non-refundable administration charge
  • $125 default replacement charge

Lost and/or damaged materials from Western Libraries are billed to your account.

Items Reported Lost or Damaged (prior to billing)

Items that are lost or damaged must be reported promptly to the owning library where staff will determine the replacement cost.

If an item borrowed through Interlibrary Loans is lost or damaged, please contact Interlibrary Loans staff immediately. For more information, see the Interlibrary Loans borrowing Policies help page.

Refunds for Paid Items

Western Libraries will refund the replacement charges if the item is returned.  The $25 processing fee remains payable.

Payment Options

  • Student, faculty, and staff: Pay online via your My Library Account.
  • Visitors and Alumni: Pay online via credit card.
  • Interac, Visa and MasterCard are accepted at Taylor Library, Weldon Library and King's University College Library.
  • Cash and personal cheques are accepted at all library locations. Please make cheques payable to The University of Western Ontario.

Fines Appeals

We encourage you to first discuss your situation with library staff.

If you would like to appeal your fines, complete the online form. A printable version of this form is also available.

Academic Sanctions (Sealed Records)

If you have outstanding library charges that exceed $100, your academic record will be sealed. The fee for unsealing records is $40 and is non-refundable.

Suspended Accounts

Your account is suspended if:

  • You have lost items billed for replacement
  • Overdue short term loans
  • Overdue recalled items
  • Over $20.00 in fines
  • Your record is sealed

To reinstate your borrowing privileges, you must return all relevant items and pay your fines.