Library Notices Sent By Email

Library notices are email communications telling you about regular loan books due soon, overdue books, recalls, fines, etc. Below is a list of the various notices:

Courtesy Notice

  • sent 3 days before a regular loan book is due
  • allows you to return or renew the item before it is overdue

Request Pickup Notice

  • a requested item is available at the pickup library
  • the item is held for 4 days until the date specified on the notice

Request Cancellation Notice

  • a requested item has not been picked up within 4 days, or is not available for request (eg. item is being replaced on reserve)

Recall Notice

  • another borrower has requested an item you have checked out
  • you must return the item by the recall due date, or be subject to $3.00/day overdue recall fines

Overdue Recall Notice

  • an item that has been recalled from you is now 1 day overdue of the recall due date
  • overdue recall fines of $3.00 per day accumulate; your borrowing privileges are suspended until the recalled item is returned and fines are paid

Fines Notice

  • a charge has been assessed for the late return of material
  • your borrowing privileges are restored when all fines are paid

Overdue Notices

  • material checked out to you is overdue
  • fines accumulate; your borrowing privileges are suspended until the material is returned and fines are paid
  • a series of notices are sent:
    • 1st notice - item is 1 day overdue
    • 2nd notice - item is 5 days overdue
    • 3rd notice - item is 14 days overdue
    • 4th notice - item is 25 days overdue

Replacement Bill

  • an item checked out to you is 35 days or more overdue and is presumed to be lost
  • replacement charges (including item cost, $30.00 processing fee and $5.00 invoicing fee) have been assessed
  • your borrowing privileges are suspended until replacement charges are paid, or the overdue item is returned and the invoicing fee and outstanding accumulated fines are paid

Statement of Charges

  • a final reminder of charges that are 90 days or more overdue
  • your privileges remain suspended; academic records will be sealed unless the outstanding charges are paid or resolved within 21 days

Statement of Checked Out Items

  • sent in April to remind you to return all outstanding library materials before leaving the university for the summer