Education Exceptions

Education Exceptions - Western Cataloguing Specifications

Note the distinction between juvenile literature and juvenile fiction.


Supply records for books only (not accompanying or support materials).


For juvenile material, add juvenile subdivision to LC heading.  Delete juvenile heading (6XX second indicator 1) and use LC equivalent with juvenile subdivision - NB. If 6XX second indicator 1 is a first time subject heading for WL and not verifiable in LCSH, retain as is.


008/521 combo


Include information in 008 (22) - Target audience:



521 1-  AGE

521 2-  GRADE




Preschool to Junior Kindergarten






















Note that the values differ somewhat from the ranges provided in MARC to reflect contemporary and local usage of terms for educational levels.

* Juvenile 'j' can be used if one range overlaps another, or contents can range from K-12.
    If no information available, apply 'j' or nothing, according to cataloguer's judgment.


Make sure 521 note is added to complement 008 (22) - Target Audience.


520 summary note - do not add, but accept summary note if supplied to juvenile literature and juvenile fiction


Juvenile literature


Class all juvenile non-fiction using LC classification but avoid "L" [i.e. class according to subject]


Juvenile fiction - French & other languages


Class all French language fiction in PC (not PZ23)

Assign topical headings with subdivision Juvenile fiction

Do not assign heading French language$vReaders


Other languages: follow French instructions (i.e., do not class in PZ, do not use $vReaders).


Juvenile fiction - English


Class English language fiction in PZ7-10.3 (do not use PR or PS)

Remember 008/521 combo

Assign topical headings with subdivision Juvenile fiction


Big books


French (CRCFB):


Class French fiction in PC (not PZ23)

Class Juvenile literature (non-fiction) with other subject disciplines (avoid "L")

Check if established series (PC 2113)

Determine appropriate treatment if series is new

PC and PE are locations - do not assign French language$vReaders

Assign 653 Big book


English (CRCBB):


Class English fiction in PE (not PZ)

Class Juvenile literature (non-fiction) with other subject disciplines (avoid "L")

Check if established series (PE1117)

Determine appropriate treatment if series is new

PC and PE are locations - do not assign Readers or $vReaders

Assign 653 Big book


Graphic novels


For juvenile graphic novels, use LC class PZ7.7.  For non-juvenile, prefer to classify by topic except if known comic book character or strip, then class by country under PN67##.


Note that rules for cuttering and adaptations differ (e.g., PN6728.T74G73 1999). 


For Education, use (where appropriate) "Comic books, strips, etc." or "Graphic novels" as |v form subdivisions in 650 fields.  Do not use "Comic books, strips, etc." or "Graphic novels" in 650 |a.



Publishers' sets


Prefer series classed together treatment rather than classed separately, to keep publishers' sets together on shelf.  (E.g.: Scholastic Canada sets Alphakids.)


Academic material


As with juvenile literature, avoid use of classification L for materials directly related to a subject discipline.  E.g., class mathematics in QA, art in N, etc.


Related document

Accompanying materials for EDU/CRC 


Definition of "Textbook" and use of keyword 653 Textbook


Use of the term "textbook" in this document refers to Trillium List textbooks approved by the Ontario Ministry/Department of Education for use in Ontario schools. This will be stated in a vendor note.


Textbook Locations


Authorized textbooks are located in CRCTX.
Exception: French language textbooks are located in CRCFB.

Unauthorized textbooks, i.e., those texts no longer on the Ontario authorized list, are located in EDUSTK or elsewhere in the collection.




653   Provide keyword "Textbook" based on location CRCTX and vendor note.

500   Trillium List student text approved for use in Ontario Schools (YEAR)   

  • This is the year that the textbook was added to the list and is not the same as the publication date.  (See vendor note.)


Textbook vs Teacher's Guide


  • Catalogue textbook and teacher's guide together on same bibliographic record using 300 +|e for the guide.
  • Location code remains the same, i.e., items sit together on the shelf
  • Volume designations: assign in item record whether the counterpart is on hand or not, whether known if available, whether on ordered or not
    • text
    • guide
  • 099c: Supply one 099 c with the base call number.
  • Follow local rules for other accompanying materials, e.g., accompanying videodiscs/videocassettes. See also Accompanying materials for CRC document under Education.


Form subdivision "Textbooks"


Do not assign ss |vTextbooks to the subject headings.
Do not accept.




See Kits document


Oversize exceptions


CRCBB:         CRC Big Book is a location code, not based necessarily on height of item.

CRCOVR:     40 cm. or greater


EDUOVR:     EDUOVR is *not* used in PZ