Kits (Education Library)


1. An item containing two or more categories of material, no one of which is identifiable as the predominant constituent of the item; also designated "multimedia item". 2. A single-medium package of textual material (e.g., a "press kit," a set of printed test materials, an assemblage of printed materials ... "-- (AACR2 Glossary) WL Policy

Treat as a kit a set of materials intended to be used together in which no one material is more important than the other and no one unit depends on another for its meaning, i.e., if each of the units in a set of materials can be used independently, then it is a kit.

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Location Codes for kits - see Education CRC in the Location Codes document

Sample records

The human brain
Heart healthy kids.|nVol. 6


Innovative Fixed Fields and Leader


006 and 007: Include for the main piece of kit, if applicable (e.g., DVD, CD). 

008: Use a single date. Assign only the values which apply solely to the kit: TYPE MAT: b TECHNIQUE: n.

020: Supply ISBN for kit itself if readily available.

099 Call Number: As for all Education Library materials, prefer full range of the LC schedules to the L classification when at all possible.

See Exceptions to LC Classification

245: Use GMD: |h[kit]

Note: Do not use |h[multimedia]

300 Physical Description

Components are listed, separated by commas, entered in a single |a. Physical description for each item is provided in round parentheses directly following each item. Do NOT provide multiple 300s. Follow AACR2 1.10C option a) and c) (not option b).

Do not use + or +|e when listing.


1 curriculum manual (141 p.), 1 student book (34 p.), 1 administrator's guide (18 p.), 4 col. posters (folded to 43 x 23 cm.) ;|cin bag (53 X 36 cm.)

1 text (30 p. : col. ill. ; 28 cm.) , 1 teacher resource guide (113 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.), 1 sound disc (4 3/4 in.) ;|cin box (31 X 31 X 16 cm.)

1 instructor's manual (170 p. : ill., forms ; 28 cm.), 1 videocassette (VHS, 45 min.), 1 sound disc (4 3/4 in., 50 min., 12 track), 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 cm.), 1 jump rope (speed style, 2.8 m./9ft), 1 student booklet (30 p. ; 13 cm.).

500 Provide title source except if derived

520, 521: Accept if provided, but do not add (WL will provide).


6XX 4 |vkits To date, no formal form subdivision exists for kits. Therefore, provide duplicate 6XXs with second indicator 4 and |vkits.


650 _0 Astronomy

650 _4 Astronomy|vkits


If the main piece of the kit is a book, DVD, or CD, barcode that piece at the top as usual. 

Otherwise, send one barcode with the kit.  Do not affix.

Item Record

Attach one item record.


If the main piece of the kit is a book, DVD, or CD, order one label and affix as usual: place label on spine (if 3 characters fit) or top left-hand corner. 

Otherwise, order two labels and send them with the kit.  Do not affix.

Ownership Stamp

If the main piece of the kit is a book, stamp the side edge as usual. 

Otherwise, no stamp is needed.