Submit Your Syllabus

  1. Login to the Course Readings service

  2. Choose a current or upcoming course

  3. Select "Add Course Readings"

  4. Choose the "Syllabus Service" form

  5. Upload your syllabus as a Word or PDF document


Instructor view of a course within the "Course Readings" service with "Add Course Readings" highlighted in the left navigation menu and the "Syllabus Service" icon highlighted in the top navigation


  • New purchases, items to be acquired via Interlibrary Loans, and items requiring copyright clearance may take longer to be made available

  • You must submit individual request forms for items you intend to supply, e.g.: personal copies of books or media, previously scanned books or articles, etc.

  • Ensure your syllabus includes complete citation information

  • Indicate a loan period for hard copy items, if you have a preference