Don Wright Faculty of Music Recitals: Student / Faculty / Guest Artist

Hundreds of Western's Faculty of Music Student / Faculty / Guest Artist Recitals were taped between 1965 - to the present. Until 1988, or so, recitals were automatically taped for archival purposes. After that time, the process became much more selective, so that one cannot rely upon finding a recording of every Faculty of Music/Don Wright Faculty of Music performance.

Access to this collection is provided by computer-generated indexes housed near the first row of the Reference Section.

Want to hear a performance? You must:

  • Make note of the appropriate reference number--from the left-hand column
  • Leave a note for Mr. Mike Godwin in his mailbox in the Main Office (T.C. 210)
  • Include your name and recording reference number (e.g. 81-148c)
  • Listen to the recording in the Music Library

Dubbing is NOT permitted in the Music Library.

Accessing recordings made after 1997 requires the date/time/venue of the performance: bound copies of Faculty of Music/Don Wright Faculty of Music recital programs are kept in the Music Library to facilitate your search at ML42.L66U5.

You can make arrangements to purchase copies of recital tapes by applying at the Faculty of Music's Main Office (T.C. 210).