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Music - Special Collections

Western's Music Special Collections are world-class, and are currently located in Western Libraries' Archives and Research Collections Centre (ARCC).

The following is a list of our special collections. For more information about each collection, please click on the links below.

The Gustav Mahler - Alfred Rosé Collection

The Opera Collection

The Metastasio Collection

The Thomas Baker Collection

The Cherubini Collection

The Drs. James & Margaret Whitby Collections

Cobbett Chamber Music Collection

Louis Achille Delaquerrière Album

Bach Arias for Obbligato Instruments

Accessing Special Collections

To access items from the special collections, please contact the Music Library staff at mlstaff@uwo.ca. Staff will make viewing arrangements. Please note that due to the fragile condition and rarity of items in our special collections, individuals may need to view the items at the ARCC, located in the D.B. Weldon Library.


The Music Library holds significant microform collections. A guide and listing to the major microfilm series we hold may found at this page Music in Micro-Formats


Please be sure to scroll-down to view the ENTIRE page - to ascertain whether there is an online "guide" for your desired collection.  (This can save you a great deal of research time!)