Choral / Band / Orchestral Collection

The Choral / Band / Orchestral Collection is part of the Music Library's operations, but is located on the main floor of Talbot College (T.C. 134). It houses our collection of large-ensemble performance materials.  Titles with ten or more parts are housed in the C/B/O, as are multiple copies of choral music (100+ vocal scores of Handel's Messiah, for example).

Feel free to contact us at: (519) 661-2111 ex. 84844 or

Important Information for ALL Who Borrow Materials From the C/B/O - Charges will be assessed for damaged materials:

  • Each individual is responsible for all C/B/O materials signed-out to him/her. If you are required to trade a band or orchestral part with another player, BOTH OF YOU should go to the C/B/O to officially transfer that part to the other player's borrowing record.
  • Due dates are stamped on your Ensemble Folder/Envelope.  When in doubt, and to renew items, please check your Library Account online.
  • C/B/O material ARE RENEWABLE; if you are unable to return your folder on its due date, PLEASE RENEW before your folder becomes overdue.
  • Overdue fines are assessed per item, at the same rate as all regular loan library material. Please see the Access Code for Western Libraries for information on fines.
  • Please inform CBO staff immediately of item(s) that are missing. We can extend your loan period to give you time to look for missing items. If you cannot find missing items, we can also extend your loan period so you would not have fines on top of replacement costs.
  • Please do not write on music in pen or highlighter, do not hole-punch, do not fold or crumple musi. Please take extra precaution and protect music from water (i.e. be conscientious: DO NOT store music in your backpack alongside your lunch; keep waterbottles AWAY from your music.) 
  • Please note that any parts/copies that are lost or damaged may be very costly to replace: sometimes we can just replace one individual part, but if not, an entire band set might have to be purchased; for choir music, publishers often refuse to sell single copies (6 copies may be their minimum order), which will increase your fines and fees signficantly.