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Choral / Band / Orchestral Collection

The Choral / Band / Orchestral Collection is part of the Music Library's operations, but is located on the main floor of Talbot College (T.C. 134). It houses our collection of large-ensemble performance materials.  Titles with ten or more parts are housed in the C/B/O, as are multiple copies of choral music (100 vocal scores of Handel's Messiah, for example).

Currently, the loan of C/B/O parts is restricted to Faculty members in the Don Wright Faculty of Music and to those Western students enrolled in the Faculty's choirs and large instrumental ensembles.  C/B/O materials are considered to be short-term loan materials, and as such do not circulate to alumni, nor to guest or external borrowers.

Feel free to contact us at: (519) 661-2111 ex. 84844 or muscbo@uwo.ca

Important Information for ALL Who Borrow Materials From the C/B/O - Charges will be assessed for damaged materials: