Choral / Band / Orchestral Collection

The Choral / Band / Orchestral (CBO) collection is a collection of large-ensemble performance materials, including titles with ten or more parts and multiple copies of choral music. It is located on the main floor of Talbot College, TC 134.

The CBO primarily supports the large ensemble performance activities and music education courses of the Don Wright Faculty of Music. 

Contact us by phone at (519) 661-2111 x84844 or by email at

Searching the CBO collection

The CBO materials may be found in the catalogue. You're welcome to visit the Music Library in Talbot College, TC 234, to browse the scores. Music Library staff are available to assist.

External borrowing program

Music organizations from across Ontario may request to borrow CBO materials, subject to fees and conditions.   


  • Band and orchestral pieces are available for $100.00 each. 
  • Choral music has a minimum fee of $25.00 and maximum of $100.00 per piece.
  • Borrowers are responsible for any required shipping costs. 


  1. Due to the Don Wright Faculty of Music ensemble and class needs, external requests will not be considered during the following times: mid-August to the end of September for first term use, and mid-December to the end of January for second-term use.
  2. Materials will only be loaned to organizations outside the University community (e.g. choirs, orchestras, academic institutions) within Ontario rather than to individuals. Materials must be borrowed under the name of the organization. Materials wil not be loaned to publis schools, school boards, or youth groups. 
  3. Single parts may not be borrowed but can be viewed on site.
  4. Parts must be returned in copy number order.
  5. Materials from the CBO collection are not available for Interlibrary Loans.
  6. The return date for borrowed materials is two weeks after the final performance.
  7. Materials may either be picked up and returned in person, or be sent out and returned via courier (not general mail). All shipping expenses are to be paid by the borrower.
  8. Do not deface or damage library materials. Music can only be marked with pencil, and the markings must be erased before the materials are returned. If markings are in permanent ink (e.g. pen, marker, etc. ) the item must be replaced. Barcode labels and stamps (e.g. call number and copy number) are not to be altered. Do not add any adhesive labels. Punching holes in the scores also necessitates replacement. Failure to adhere to this policy subjects borrowers to the penalties as outlined in the Western Libraries' Access Code.
  9. Lost or damaged parts must be replaced by the borrowing organization at its expense. The replacement needs to be the same edition as the borrowed work. Photocopies and handwritten replacements are not acceptable. If items have been lost or damaged, please contact the Music Library staff to begin the replacement process.

A Music Library staff member will contact you within 3 business days of your submission.