The Drs. James and Margaret Whitby Music Collections

Avid local chamber musicians, the Drs. Whitby have amassed a significant collection of antiquarian chamber music, which they have generously donated to the Music Library, Western Libraries. The Collection includes early editions of Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven alongside works of their contemporaries, namely: Boccherini, Cambini, Gyrowetz, Peter Hänsel, Krommer, Onslow, Pleyel, the Rombergs, and Spohr.

The Drs. Whitby have been generously donating their collection to the Music Library in installments. Our cataloguers have been working ferociously to catalogue the items within the collection.

As of 2015, approximately half of the Collection has been catalogued. To locate ALL items in the collection in the catalogue perform an Advanced search (i.e. Any field) using "Dr. James L and Dr. Margaret Whitby donation" AND *insert your keyword here* (e.g. "Dr. James L. and Dr. Margaret Whitby donation" Haydn) to located the 60+ Hadyn works in the Collection.

The Whitby Collections are in the process of being digitized via the Internet Archive.
View the available digitized titles from the Whitby Collections.

Please email the staff of the Music Library to request retrieval of a particular title.

For items that have not yet been catalogued, we require both the Whitby No. and the GMAR box number to retrieve the item.

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