is an altmetric aggregator, or harvester, that tracks a large number of sources for article mentions. Specifically, tracks Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Mendeley, CiteULike, PubPeer, Publons, Reddit, Wikipedia, reviews on F1000, YouTube, mainstream news media, sites running Stack Exchange, and some policy documents. is a subscription service. While Western Libraries does not subscribe to this service, there are some free access points.

  1. The Altmetric It! bookmarklet is a free tool that searches webpages for DOIs, and retrieves data for those DOIs.
    Video example from about the Altmetric It! bookmarklet

  2. Many publishers embed “badges” on their website. Authors can check publisher websites to see if they make use of this service.
    Altmetric example from publisher website badge example from publisher's website

  3. Scholarship@Western includes embedded badges. Read more information about Scholarship@Western.

Note: Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Research Office provides access to’s institutional program, for Schulich researchers only. Please see Schulich's Altmetric page for more information.


  • tracks mentions of publications with DOIs, most of which are articles. Other publications, and those without DOIs, are not usually tracked.
  • was established in 2011 and did not begin tracking mentions until then. Though they have been able to collect some retrospective data, publications and mentions from before 2012 are less complete. 
  • No one altmetric source is comprehensive. does not track every journal, and it does not track every source where an article might be mentioned. Furthermore, due to the data harvesting techniques used, sometimes mentions are missed.