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Impactstory and Depsy

Impactstory is a free subscription altmetric aggregator that requires an ORCID to register. Impactstory provides altmetrics for anything with a DOI. It gathers altmetric data from sources such as Twitter, Mendeley, GitHub, Dryad, Figshare, arXiv, and Slideshare.

Sample Impactstory profile
A sample Impactstory profile from the Overview tab

Depsy is a new tool created by Impactstory and incorporated into their profiles. Depsy aims to measure the impact of research software. It finds mentions of software used in research articles even when the software itself is not formally cited. It tracks the reuse of GitHub repositories, and assigns fractional credit to multiple authors based on contributions to the software’s development. Depsy does not offer subscriptions or accounts; rather, it is a site scholars can search for their software. It is freely available for research software contributors to search their packages or personal names.

sample depsy page
A sample page from Depsy