Visiting Faculty- Borrowing

From A Canadian University

You have two options when borrowing items in person from Western Libraries:

From a University in the United States or Canada

The Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program

The Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program (RFBP) allows visiting faculty from universities in Canada and the United States to borrow in person from Western Libraries and the Affiliated University College Libraries (Brescia, Huron, King’s) and St. Peter’s Seminary.

For a list a member universities see: Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program.


To borrow items, present at any Service Desk:

  • an RFBP card which you must obtain from your home university library prior to your visit to Western
  • your valid faculty photo ID card

Library staff will issue a library card to you using the expiry date on your RFBP card.

Lending Policies

You may:

  • borrow regular loan items for 14 days from any of the Western Libraries and the Affiliated University Colleges Libraries
  • renew items up to 3 times unless they are recalled by another user.

You may not:

  • borrow reserve or short loan items
  • recall items from other users
  • request extended loans
  • use Western Libraries' Interlibrary Loans service

Recalled Loans

You are not permitted to recall items, but items you have borrowed may be recalled:

  • you will be notified by email, text/SMS alert, or mail when an item you have borrowed has been recalled
  • recalled items must be returned by the date specified on the recall notice.

You are assured of at least seven days use of the recalled item before it must be returned.


You may renew items online through My Library Account or in person at any Service Desk.

An item may be renewed a maximum of three times by the due date unless it has been recalled by another patron, or your account is suspended because of overdue items or fines.

Fines and Suspensions

Suspension of borrowing privileges occurs when a loaned item becomes overdue or you have over $5.00 in fines.


Items may be returned to any of the Western Libraries or Affiliated University College Libraries in person, by courier or mail by the due date.

View overview of Western Libraries' borrowing policies and procedures.

For more detail see the Access Code for Western Libraries.