Administration Retention Schedule

The University of Western Ontario

01 - Administration





Duplicate records, publications, and reference material, kept in tangible or electronic form for convenience only, for example:

  • Miscellaneous notices, announcements, or memoranda, such as "All Staff" emails, messages on upcoming special events
  • Multiple duplicate copies of reports, or project or committee minutes, agendas, etc.
  • Preliminary drafts that do not form significant stages in the preparation of a final document and do not record official decisions
  • Personal or business messages with limited or no operational value (e.g. "Let's meet for lunch", "Please return call"...)
  • Publications, reference material and software: administrative manuals, directories, catalogues, newsletters, pamphlets, periodicals, conference materials and handouts
  • Blank forms, duplicate examination and test papers, and surplus diplomas
  • Unsolicited advertising (brochures, fliers, etc)

Note: where another schedule covers drafts or working papers, the other schedule applies to such records. In the absence of an approved schedule that specifically applies to drafts and working papers, and where such documents relate to significant policy or planning matters, this schedule does not apply.

Affected Unit(s)

Active Retention

Semi-active Retention

Total Retention

Final Disposition




Until Superseded or Obsolete


Until Superseded or Obsolete

Confidential Destruction*

*Confidential destruction of paper or other records containing personal or confidentail information.

Effective Date: 2010-05-25