Web Archiving

What’s web archiving?

Web archiving is the process of collecting portions of the internet, preserving it in an archival format, and making it accessible to researchers and the public. Western Libraries uses Archive-It to capture and preserve online content.

Why is it important?

Information on the internet changes regularly. According to the Internet Archive, the average webpage lasts approximately 90 days before changing, moving, or going offline. Web archiving preserves and ensures access to online content for future use.

What webpages has Western Libraries already archived?

You can find our web archived collections at Archive-It - University of Western Ontario (archive-it.org). Our collection includes material from Archives and Special Collections, University Publications, and the Ontario Provincial Election of 2018, among others.

Nominate a website for web archiving

Requests for web archiving must follow Western Libraries’ Web Archiving Policy.

Nominate a website for web archiving using our request form.