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In order to improve the poor accommodation condition for nurses in the cottage, the Nurses' Home was formally opened on May 8, 1925. Colonel Harry Cockshutt, Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario, gave a speech at the opening ceremony, which was attended by hospital staff, members of the clergy, and prominent men in the community. And Dr. William J. Robinson, Medical Superintendent of the former Asylum extended the greetings of the hospital staff.

Our Canadian nurses have proven themselves to be women of great character and perseverance enduring long and trying hours of labour with cheerfulness. They hold in their hands a great power for good to sick and well alike, and to them is more than due the best accommodation, I congratulate you on the completion of this building and I feel that all institutions such as this require such a place for the nurses in their resting hours. May the nurses enjoy this home thoroughly, for the best is not too good to them. -- Colonel Harry Cockshutt

The Nurses' Home provided nurses with comfortable living conditions and beautiful grounds and gardens. It offered the 55 nurses a spacious and well-furnished home, with living rooms, study rooms, dormitories, and bathing facilities. There was an inviting kitchenette where snacks could be prepared when necessary. A modern laundry in the basement and a special telephone were also provided.

In addition to the comfortable accommodations, nurses in the school received an hour off each day, as well as one half-day off each week. During their time off, they attended church and took part in recreational activities, such as swimming, tennis, bowling, and dancing.