Scholarship@Western is Western University’s institutional repository (a digital collection that captures and preserves the intellectual output of Western). Researchers who have uploaded publications to Scholarship@Western can find altmetric data through their Author Dashboards or a monthly email report. It provides accurate download counts, and includes country and institutional affiliation of the download when available.

viewer map from Scholarship@Western
Example of Readership Map

Scholarship@Western also contains embedded “badges,” which provide data for uploaded publications with DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers). Click the badge for details about the retrieved mentions.

Schoarship@Western Altmetric badge image
Example of Scholarship@Western download counts and Altmetric badge


  • Scholarship@Western only provides usage statistics for uploaded publications. Scholarship@Western does not aggregate usage statistics from other platforms on which the publications are posted.
  • The embedded badges require a DOI to find data. For more limitations on data see the page