Supporters of the Allyn and Betty Taylor Library

The Allyn and Betty Taylor Library has been fortunate to receive support from many individuals and organizations since it opened in 1992. We are pleased to share a bit about the spaces that have been named in honour of their gifts.

Gretta Wong Grant Family Portico, 2017

Gretta Wong Grant honoured her family through a gift to the Global Library Space initiative. Gretta’s parents, Lem and Toye Wong, were two of the first Chinese immigrants to come to London, Ontario. The Gretta Wong Grant Family Portico celebrates the family’s cultural heritage by showcasing South Asian artwork, stories, and artifacts.

Lem and Toye Wong

The space includes a scroll of calligraphic art, the Thousand Character Classic, donated to Western Libraries by Guo Dan, in honour of her godson Kevin Shen’s graduation from Western. The Thousand Character Classic is a Chinese poem that has been used for centuries to teach Chinese characters to children. It contains exactly 1,000 characters that are only used once and arranged into 250 lines of four characters each. The space also features two exhibit cabinets filled with gifts given to Western by universities in China, Japan, and Korea.

Thousand Character Classic

Foundation Western Collaborative Media Rooms, 2016

Foundation Western supported the creation six collaborative media rooms. These spaces are equipped with state-of-the-art screens, smartboards, and other devices to allow students and researchers to work collaboratively on projects, practice presentations, and connect with colleagues across the globe.

Collaborative Media Room

Alumni Group Study Area, 2016

This row of banquette seating is among the most popular at Taylor Library. Thanks to a gift from the Western Alumni Association, students can enjoy a well-lit, comfortable space to study and meet with other students.

Banquette Seating

Sinclair Floor, 1992

The Ground floor of the library was named in honour of  Dr. J. Douglas Sinclair MD ‘48 and Mrs. Naomi Sinclair, in honour of their gift made during the Renaissance Campaign, 1989-1994..

In 2016, this floor underwent significant upgrades when some of the collection was moved, and new study carrels were installed. Thanks to the Science Students' Council and donations from a number of individuals and groups, 90 new carrels were purchased to offer students quiet, individualized study space in the library.

Allyn and Betty Taylor, 1992

In 1992, an anonymous donor named the library in honour of Allyn and Betty Taylor. At the time of the Library’s opening, Dr. Allyn Taylor (Western’s Chancellor from 1976 to 1980) was quoted as saying: “My long association with Western is very close to my heart. Betty and I are proud and thankful indeed to have our names linked with this fine, new library, and can only say how grateful we are to the anonymous benefactor responsible.”

Allyn & Betty Taylor