Teaching and Learning Support

Librarian providing teaching supportWestern Libraries’ Teaching and Learning support is guided by teamwork, respect, communication, creativity, and collaboration. Our team works collaboratively with campus partners to enhance student success and help them reach key learning outcomes – in class and online.

We work with faculty to:

  • Teach critical literacies and embed Information Literacy Learning Outcomes (ILLOs) into curriculum
  • Instil library expertise, collections, and resources into the learning experience
  • Develop and integrate e-learning strategies and modules into course content
  • Enable and expand undergraduate and graduate research

Instruction philosophy

Students in a workshop

Our ILLOs align closely with Western Degree Outcomes and articulate undergraduate expectations for information access, assessment, and application. We build upon the ILLOs in graduate-level courses by offering advanced skill workshops and one-on-one consultations with faculty and students.  

We work closely with faculty to customize instruction sessions and materials to meet specific class needs.

Our curriculum outlines important instruction topics as they relate to our ILLOs, including:

  • Finding and accessing: Research strategies, search tools, and search skills
  • Critical evaluation: Evaluation methods, primary versus secondary sources, scholarly versus popular sources, and peer review
  • Ethical use: Citation and research management, plagiarism and academic integrity, copyright laws, fair dealing, and privacy
  • Creating and sharing: Scholarly publishing and open access, research metrics and impact factors, and systematic and scoping reviews


Fill in our instruction request form for in-class or virtual Teaching and Learning support.

Email wlteach@uwo.ca for more information on how we can be involved in your course, or if you or your students need research help.