Business Holdings

The following table contains a list of business-related fonds and collections held by Archives and Special Collections. For specific types of businesses, use the dropdown menu to filter the holdings by business type. Fonds or collections with finding aids are linked in the table.

Note: The Dates column refers to the creation of the material, not necessarily the business’s operational timeline. Dates with “c.” or “ca.” refer to approximate dates of creation, while dates with a question mark refer to probable dates of creation. When dates of creation are unknown, items are marked with "n.d."


Fonds or Collection Name Type of Business Description of Records Dates Type of Business
Abbott Brothers Carriage Company Carriage and wagonmaker Order book, accounts, illustrations, and diagrams 1868-1886 Carriage and wagonmaker
Alley, Henry Brownrigg Retail Correspondence 1843-1915 Retail
Arn & Sons Funeral Directors Cemetery or funeral service Funeral records 1907-1943 Cemetery or funeral service
Baird, H.C & Company Manufacturer Correspondence, invoices 1910s-1930s Manufacturer
Bell, Walter & family Engineering and architecture Personal and business papers c. 1870-1950 Engineering and architecture
Belton Lumber Company Energy Business records 1912-1970 Energy
Bennet Furnishing Co. Manufacturer Letterbooks 1883-1887 Manufacturer
Blackburn fonds  Printing and publishing Records of Blackburn family, London Free Press, and CFPL 1834-1931 Printing and publishing
Bonar, James Transportation Speeches and pamphlets 1936-1970 Transportation
Bowman, Kennedy & Company Merchant Ledger & a/c Index only 1887-1897 Merchant
Buchanan, Isaac Transportation Microfilm 1853-1859 Transportation
Buffalo, Brantford & Goderich Railway Transportation Book 1853 Transportation
Byrne, Miles Retail Ledger 1845-1884 Retail
Byron Telephone Telephone Business records 1908-1960 Entertainment
Cameron, Donald Energy Textual records 1869-1905 Energy
Campbell, John & Son (London Carriage Works) Carriage and wagonmaker Ledgers and textual records 1855-1920 Carriage and wagonmaker
Canada Company Land Development Company Accounts and notices 1824-1942 Business person
Canada Southern Railway Transportation Correspondence, annual reports, legal documents 1970-1984 Transportation
Canadian Iron Foundries Manufacturer 24 mounted photographs 1889-1904 Manufacturer
Canadian Tire Corporation Retail Business records 1903-2001 Retail
Carty, Arthur & Edmund (Carty News Services) Printing and publishing Business records 1838-1974 Printing and publishing
Coatsworth, Robert Retail Invoices, accounts, and letters 1833-1838 Retail
Comfort & Greer Mill Business accounts 1846-1854 Mill
Complin Family Merchant Business and family records 1779-1870 Merchant
Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co. Insurance Sir John A. Macdonald insurance policy 1868-1869 Insurance
Coombs, Henry Manufacturer Textual records 1850-1882 Manufacturer
Crown Savings & Loan Bank Minute books and textual records 1882-1940 Bank
Daly, Dennis & Son Energy Account books and miscellaneous textual records 1866-1913 Energy
Davies, William Food Correspondence and research documents 1854-1861 Food
Dennisteel Corporation Manufacturer Business and corporate records 1936-1964 Manufacturer
Dillon Engineering Company Engineering and architecture Business and personal records 1940s-1980s Engineering and architecture
District Trust Company Finance Textual records 1964 Finance
Dominion Chicle Manufacturer Shipping orders and day book 1912-1913 Manufacturer
Donnelly Food Market Retail Account books 1907-1964 Retail
Dyson, Charles Manufacturer Accounts and time books 1905-1953 Manufacturer
Egerton Associates Real estate Business records [1970s] Real estate
Electrical Construction Company of London Construction or contractor Business records 1897-1907 Construction or contractor
Equitable Life Assurance Insurance Business records 1911-1921 Insurance
Facey Coal Co. fonds Energy Business records 1923-1955 Energy
Fairbank Family Retail Textual records 1840-1930 Retail
Fairbank (Van Tuyl & Fairbank) Retail Textual records 1840-1930 Retail
Fallows Family [Joseph Seymour] Energy Administrative records, trade brochures, and diaries 1838-1912 Energy
Fawcett, Livingstone & Co. Bank Bill register, savings bank ledger 1880-1887 Bank
Fawcett, William Mill Account books 1872-1892 Mill
Fawkes, Thomas Clothing Textual records c. 1855-1910 Clothing
Feeney, Len Printing and publishing Job record 1959-1962 Printing and publishing
Flock, Edward Entertainment Textual records 1919 Entertainment
Forristal, John Manufacturer Book; Part of London and Petrolia Barrel Company 1936 Manufacturer
Gale, Elizabeth Clothing Accounts and inventory book 1880-1882 Clothing
George Family Clothing Miscellaneous textual records 1860-1930 Clothing
Gidley, B F Retail Ledger 1895-1903 Retail
Gillespie Family Merchant Account books, letterbooks, and business records 1855-1945 Merchant
Glen, James Merchant Account books 1854-1879 Merchant
Goodwin Family Manufacturer Textual records 1872-1945 Manufacturer
Grand River Navigation Company - Brant County Engineering and architecture Textual records [1832-185?] Engineering and architecture
Grand Trunk Railway Transportation Textual records and photographs 1865-1894 Transportation
Great Western Railway Transportation [Textual records] n.d. Transportation
Greey Catalogue Mill [Textual records] 1901 Mill
Hammond, George Food Business records 1880-1982 Food
Hayman, Lorne (Rex Theatre) Entertainment Business records 1930-1940 Entertainment
Hill, Rowland Clothing Business records 1893-1992 Clothing
Hobbs Hardware Retail Business records 1876-1984 Retail
Howard, Thomas Blacksmith Textual records 1861-1914 Blacksmith
Huron & Erie Mortgage Corporation Finance Annual reports, correspondence, by-laws, and loans 1864-1988 Finance
Huron & Middlesex Mutual Fire Insurance Co Insurance Letters 1886-1888 Insurance
Hyman, Charles Clothing Business records 1878-1960 Clothing
Hyman Leathers / Robson-Long Leathers Clothing Business records (mostly accounts) and financial ledgers 1901-1966 Clothing
Ingersoll & Port Burwell Road Co Transportation Annual reports and auditors reports 1867-1889 Transportation
Ingersoll Casket Company Manufacturer Catalogues, architectural plans, furniture and casket samples, list of purchasers 1917-1949 Manufacturer
Ingersoll Rural Cemetery Co Cemetery or funeral service Records and minutes 1862-1970 Cemetery or funeral service
Ivey Family Business person Records of the Ivey Family n.d. Business person
Johnson's General Store Retail 1 photograph [1998?] Retail
Johnston, Joseph Merchant Textual records 1939-1961 Merchant
Jones & Farley Merchant Daybook 1834-1838 Merchant
Keays & Co Transportation Textual records 1852-1861 Transportation
Kennedy, W H Ledger 1906-1910 Merchant
Kingsmill Merchant Poster 1890 Merchant
Kingsmill Family Retail Business records mid 1800s-2016 Retail
Kittredge, Alfred Real estate Account books and textual records 1856-1910 Real estate
Labatt Brewery Brewery Textual and audiovisual materials 1832-2009 Brewery
Lambton Loan & Investment Finance Minutes and by-laws 1847-1871 Finance
Lawson & Jones (See also London Print and Lithographing Co. Ltd.) Printing and publishing Selected business records 1899-1970 Printing and publishing
Leach's Confectionary Food Receipts 1932-1938 Food
Leonard Family Manufacturer Photographs, scrapbooks, letters and textual records 1828-1952 Manufacturer
London & Lake Erie Railway Transportation Minute book 1910-1921 Transportation
London & Petrolia Barrel Company Manufacturer Business records 1885-1970 Manufacturer
London & Port Stanley Railway Transportation Records at LAC; copyright to crown 1857 Transportation
London & Southeastern Railway Transportation Corporate records and correspondence 1900-1930 Transportation
London Assurance Co Finance Register of assurances 1880-1904 Finance
London Brewery Brewery 1 photograph [1998?] Brewery
London Carriage Works (See John Campbell & Son) Manufacturer Ledgers and textual records 1848-1920 Manufacturer
London Electric Company Ltd Energy Mortgage bond 1905 Energy
London Electrical Construction Company Construction or contractor Meeting minutes n.d. Construction or contractor
London Gas Co Energy Return of Debentures and letter 1856-1858 Energy
London Herald Printing and publishing Business records 1856-1860 Printing and publishing
London Hosiery Mills Mill Payroll registry, production records, monthly journal 1951-1974 Mill
London Huron Bruce Railway Transportation Book of reference 1873 Transportation
London Joint Stock Baking Company Food Business records 1862-1888 Food
London Life Insurance Insurance Business records 1897-1921 Insurance
London Motor Company and Stansell Family Transportation Family and business records 1907-2005 Transportation
London Motor Sales Transportation Purchase ledger 1911-1917 Transportation
London Print & Lithographing Co. Ltd. (See also Lawson & Jones) Printing and publishing Legal documents, contracts, and patents and copyrights 1889-1967 Printing and publishing
London Proof Line Road Co Transportation Stock ledger and annual report 1849-1907 Transportation
London Savings Bank Bank Resolutions, minutes, declarations, deposit books, and correspondence 1865-1876 Bank
London Soap Company Manufacturer Operational records and poster 1950-1970 Manufacturer
London Street Railway Company Transportation Miscellaneous textual records 1895-1918 Transportation
London Tennis Club Ltd Sports Organization Miscellaneous records 1923-1938 Entertainment
Luno Collection - Sparton of Canada Manufacturer Business records [1918? 1965?] Manufacturer
Machan & Ross Merchant Account books and textual records 1867-1878 Merchant
Macklin, Henry Merchant Account books and textual records 1886-1923 Merchant
Malloch, James Carriage and wagonmaker Daybook 1905-1909 Carriage and wagonmaker
Mara Dry Goods [Became Mara's Fabric City] Retail Business records 1900-1980 Retail
Marshall Brothers & Co. Merchant Account books [1873-1961?] Merchant
Marsh General Store Retail Daybooks, cash account books, spinning mill account, correspondence 1863-1935 Retail
Mason & Dudley Blacksmith Cashbook 1886-1900 Blacksmith
McCormick's Ltd. Manufacturer Account books and textual records 1869-1940 Manufacturer
McDermid, John Manufacturer Textual records 1914-1922 Manufacturer
McLeod, George Retail Textual records 1841-1859 Retail
McRae, Hugh Merchant Account books 1844-1904 Merchant
Memorial Funeral Home Cemetery or funeral service Business records [1980s-1990s] Cemetery or funeral service
Metcalfe, George Manufacturer Boy scout and business records 1859-1958 Manufacturer
Mid-Erie Acceptance Corporation Ltd. Finance Textual records 1957-1965 Finance
Miller, Warren Engineering and architecture Personal papers, historical writings, and business files 1880-1969 Engineering and architecture
Moore, Jake (J.M.) Brewery [Business records] [1950s-1985] Brewery
Morris, James Mill Business and legal textual records 1870-1959 Mill
Morrison, Robert & Edwards Merchant Financial records, ledgers, daybooks, journals, and correspondence 1856-1937 Merchant
Morrow Screw & Nut Company Manufacturer Land records, correspondence, and minute books 1857-1952 Manufacturer
Moule, Stephen A. Business person Cash account book 1860-1864 Business person
Municipal World Ltd. Printing and publishing Business records, dockets, and job registers 1896-1960 Printing and publishing
Murphy Moore Engineering and architecture Letters, surveys, blueprints, photographs, and other business records 1885-1927 Engineering and architecture
Murray, Kenneth (Murray Shoe Co) Clothing Business policy 1903-1936 Clothing
Nagle family Food Personal and business records 1850-1978 Food
National Market Development Ltd/Market Measure Ltd Finance Business records n.d. Finance
Norsworthy, James Insurance Textual records 1860-1918 Insurance
Norwich Cemetery Company Cemetery or funeral service Minutes and records 1836-1941 Cemetery or funeral service
Northern Life Assurance (Purdom Family) Finance Selected business records 1894-1985 Finance
O'Brien, Dennis Merchant Legal and financial records, correspondence, and miscellaneous documents 1822-1964 Merchant
Oil Exchange Financial Association Ltd Energy Textual records 1883-1887 Energy
Olmstead Brothers Manufacturer Calendar [1890?] Manufacturer
Ontario Loan & Debenture Finance Textual records 1877-1965 Finance
O-Pee-Chee Food Administrative records 1886-1993 Food
Oxford County Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Insurance Textual records 1878-1973 Insurance
Pandora Cap Co Manufacturer Record book 1904-1908 Manufacturer
Peace River Mining & Milling Mill Minutes, financial accounts, and business records 1913-1951 Mill
Peninsular Sugar Co. Ltd. Food Clippings, minutes, shareholders records 1929-1930s Food
Perkins, Nelson Entertainment Account book 1853-1867 Entertainment
Puddicombe Family Real estate Cash books and textual papers 1851-1937 Real estate
Purdom Family (Northern Life & others) Law Textual records 1870-1960 Law
Putherbrough Construction Construction or contractor Business records n.d. Construction or contractor
Pure Meat Products Food Business records 1927-1929 Food
Regal Fruit Preservers Ltd Food Minutes 1920 Food
Reid Family Manufacturer Textual records 1876-1938 Manufacturer
Rennie, David (King Milling) Mill Textual records 1850-1916 Mill
Ridout, Lionel Retail Real estate transactions, financial and insurance records, court proceedings, correspondence, photographs and miscellaneous documents 1840-1862 Retail
Robert Holmes Bookstore Retail Textual records 1903-1986 Retail
Robertson, Masson & Strang Merchant Letter 1836 Merchant
Robertson, William Merchant Correspondence, accounts, land records, papers, and printed documents 1770-1829 Merchant
Robins, Fred (Hobbs Hardware) Merchant Personal and business papers, photographs 1880-1978 Merchant
Ross Brothers Energy Cashbooks 1886 Energy
Russell Metal Inc/London Steel Div Manufacturer Photographs and catalogues 1920s-1960s Manufacturer
Sandwich Ontario General Store Retail Business records 1816-1836 Retail
Sangster, James Forbes Real estate Bill of Cost, Invoices, etc. 1874-1918 Real estate
Sansone Fruit Co Food Business accounts and records 1900-1971 Food
Sarnia Northern Ontario Mining & Development Co Energy Minute books and textual records 1909-1937 Energy
Schram, Peter Construction or contractor Account book 1857-1858 Construction or contractor
Shaw, John Finance Daybook 1880-1881 Finance
Shuttleworth Hat Co. Clothing Time book 1944-1946 Clothing
Siddall, Joseph Mill Personal, business, administrative and education records 1850-1910 Mill
Siddons, John Printing and publishing Ledger 1859-1861 Printing and publishing
Sillick, Isaac Retail Ledger 1878-1880 Retail
Silverwood Ltd. Food Annual reports, financial and legal records, shareholder meeting minutes, company history and employee documentation, and photographs 1869-1986 Food
Smallman & Ingram Ltd Merchant Account books, poster, and catalogues 1877-1893 Merchant
Smith Brothers Ltd Manufacturer Corporate record book 1917-1920 Manufacturer
Somerville Paper Boxes Ltd. Manufacturer Time and Stock Certificate Books 1874-1956 Manufacturer
Spramotor Company Manufacturer Photographs and textual records 1917-1955 Manufacturer
Star Life Assurance Society Insurance Deed and List of Directors 1843-1878 Insurance
Street, William Finance Account book 1812-1879 Finance
Sutton, William Merchant Ledger 1750-1816 Merchant
Swinyard, Thomas Transportation Letter books and textual records 1855-1883 Transportation
Talbot, Freeman Business person Textual records 1811-1903 Business person
Teall, John Henry Transportation Business and personal papers 1841-1937 Transportation
Thames Steam Navigation Company Transportation Daybook 1833-1845 Transportation
Thompson, J. Gordon Energy Textual records 1894-1982 Energy
Toronto, Grey and Bruce Railway Transportation Textual records and clippings [1876-1947?] Transportation
Towe, Allan Transportation Scrapbook [1897? 1950-1960?] Transportation
Tune Family Manufacturer Photographs and family scrapbook 1889-1893 Manufacturer
Van Tulk & Fairbank Hardware Retail See Fairbank 1840-1930 Retail
Victoria Bridge Company Construction or contractor Textual records 1848-1856 Construction or contractor
Vittoria General Store Retail Account book 1846-1847 Retail
Vulcan Company Ltd Manufacturer Account books 1912-1926 Manufacturer
Walsh, Francis Engineering and architecture Legal and business records 1789-1884 Engineering and architecture
Ward Cigar Manufacturer Papers 1878/9-1956 Manufacturer
Watkins, FW Energy Letters relating to oil production in Ontario 1861-1867 Energy
Welland Canal Co Transportation Minutes 1825-1837 Transportation
Wesley Engravers Printing and publishing Glass plate negatives n.d. Printing and publishing
Western Fair Entertainment Business and legal documents, correspondence, programs, and memorabilia 1845-2001 Entertainment
Western of Canada Oil Lands & Works Co Ltd Energy Petition and log book 1871-1891 Energy
Whiskard's Fancy Store Retail Advertisement 1880 Retail
White, Charles Manufacturer Textual records and diaries 1872-1940 Manufacturer
White-Karry Gold Mines Energy Corporate minute book 1946-1957 Energy
Williams & Barnard Mill Account books 1872-1887 Mill
Williams, George Merchant Textual records, letters, and accounts 1840-1859 Merchant
Wilson, William Merchant Insurance certificate 1871-1878 Merchant
Wright Family Manufacturer Miscellaneous textual records 1865-1965 Manufacturer
Wright Lithography Printing and publishing Records of Wright Lithography and Wright Lithographing Company n.d. Printing and publishing
Young, Robert & Co. Business person Invoices, receipts, correspondence, investments, stocks, reports, valuations, and other business documents [1852-1981?] Business person