Shelf-ready Summary - Western Cataloguing Specifications

The following services will be provided for WL cataloguing:


MARC records customized

MARC records original

LC Authority control (name, series, subject) for all headings

LC Classification

LC Subject Headings


FTP delivery of records


All records catalogued according to AACR2, MARC21 (current versions)




  • change cutter to fit WL shelflist (do not consider affiliates' cutters)
  • check for series classed together (if new series, check with WL)
  • class Bibliography in Z, except for Music (see exceptions below)
  • subject cutter matching and edition matching


SEE WL exceptions to LC classification

SEE WL policy for cuttering Mac, Mc, Saint, St.

Use LC shelflisting rule to cutter for numbers


Added copies


WL does not want duplicates of material in the WL catalogue; however, added copies of material held by the affiliates are to be sent. If the record is already in the catalogue with only locations for affiliates, process and flag as an added copy.


E-books and print copies of the same item should be considered copy 2s; flag and send, do not catalogue.




  • added volumes for multi-volume sets - processing only (no label) - flag and send
  • multimedia - do not catalogue or process - flag and send
  • books that include multimedia (i.e. CD-ROM in pocket) - catalogue, process, create two extra labels, flag and send (do not attach extra labels)
  • books where record contains 856 with full text URL - catalogue as usual - flag and send [if Coutts checks URL to make sure it's working, these do not need to be flagged]



Local data requirements


001 = Coutts control number

035 - delete

039 - add $eCoutts

040 - add  $dCaOLU

090 - delete

099 - WL local call number

650  2 - keep MESH

650  5 - keep NLC headings

650  6,7, etc. - delete all (French, German, etc.) headings

655 - keep [this is a change]

856 - see under "flagging" above; delete 856 if URL does not lead to full text (i.e. contents note or summary only)

9XX - delete




Provide 1 spine per item (unless otherwise noted)    

Font: Roman

Size: 10 or 12 ??


Coutts may modify the font and size in order to fit longer classification onto the labels.


Label should be placed on the spine 1.5 inchs from the base of the book, unless the book is less than 1/4 inch thick, in which case it should be placed on the front cover beneath the bar code.


See WL policy for call number format.





Oversize designation is generally applied to all books that are greater than 27 cm in height or greater than 27 cm. in width, with some exceptions. See WL policy for oversize/jumbo/miniature materials.




See List of location codes.




All Western contributors (authors, editors, departments, faculties, etc.)  must be included as an added entry and mentioned in a note as needed. See WL policy for WL authors.


See document: WL classification exceptions.





Documents to be consulted:

Education exceptions

Accompanying materials for EDU/CRC



Documents to be consulted:

Law classification: KF modified

Special treatment of some loose-leaf materials for Law


Map and Data Centre


i.e. fund code gmada

Map and Data Centre - Atlas exceptions




Bibliographies - do not class in Z; USE: ML112.8 to ML158.8

Reference - class ML100 to ML158.8 as reference





Documents to be consulted:

Science classification