Archives Finding Aids

Western Archives finding aids are prepared in accordance with the Rules for Archival Description. Most are complete descriptive inventories, which provide details about the history or biography of a creator, and also about the elements that make up the whole fonds (series, files, and /or items). In some cases only preliminary inventories that provide description to the fonds or series level are available.

In order to improve access to more of the existing holdings of Western Archives copies of a number of preliminary finding aids are being made available. These preliminary finding aids vary in degrees of completeness, detail and accuracy. They are intended to be the starting point for access to the records and they should not be considered a definitive source of information on the full nature and contents of the fonds or collection. Questions about the information provided in the preliminary finding aids should be directed to

Individuals are listed by last name, and organizations are listed according to their complete name. Where appropriate, some additional information has been added to the name to provide context.

Preliminary finding aids and listings are marked with an *